• Sell how it suits you
  • You sell at any time that suits you.
  • Mobility: trade anywhere
  • The ability to trade anywhere makes selling easy because you do not need to get a store
  • You also can make use of new media platforms (instagram, facebook, twitter e.t.c) To FastTrack your business sales in real time anytime. Provided you serve the right contents to your customers.
  • Determine your work Hour
  • The best part of being a Tara Beauty entrepreneur is the ability to determine your work hours at any time that best suits you.
  • Sellable products
  • Our products are easy to sell because of its different colors in the range that best suits different skin types.


  • You can now shop for your favorite Tara products online and it will be delivered to your door step.
  • You can also send the products to your customers in different locations nationwide and it will be delivered to their door steps.In just ten simple steps you can shop.
    1. Register
    2. Confirm email address.
    3. Get your Savvy ID.
    4. Log in.
    5. Click on all products on your dashboard.
    6. Select desired products.
    7. Check out.
    8. Select delivery option (pick in store or standard delivery)
    9. Select payment method.
    10. Confirm order.